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In our shop you will find a large number of giant candles in different sizes.
All candles are best described - any questions please send

Giant Candle h = 1000 d = 240mm. 6 wicks burn time with good care wick 2000 hours! Weight 38kg.
Important notes: giant candles require special supervision. Not often, but regularly. The candles should not be extinguished before the whole burning area has liquefied. This takes several hours. When the candle burns for a short time, the wick suffers, it becomes brittle and loses its suction.
Do not burn candles burn unattended! The wicks for the giant candles have been tested very carefully. Nevertheless already long lasting airflow or high room temperature can make the candle overflow. This happens of course, not suddenly. Ensure stable footing! Please check the wick several times a day. Make sure, the wick is upright with the included  needle and possibly shorten the wick  to prevent overflowing or sooting.

Please note: giant candles are manufactured according to customer specifications. For the production we need - because of the substantial cooling times - a few days! There are also a few more days for shipping. Normally you receive the giant candle within 10 days after payment - often faster.
Exchange or return are excluded. Because of the substantial shipping costs of big candles, cash on delivery for new customers is not possible. Please select credit card payment, Paypal or payment in advance.

Last but not least:
If the wick is broken or he does not more work due to clogging by dust etc. , you can repair the candle. Send us an email - you will get a piece of the special wick for free. Drill out the defect wick as good as possible. wit a 6mm driller,  as deep as the drill goes. In the hole you put replacement wick. The first time you ignite it, the whole runs fully with liquid wax and the  candle can burn again for 100 hours before you have to repeat the procerss.
Drilling out and replacing the whole wick is not possible.

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Giant candles series for a hotel chain.
Each candle is approximately 1m high and
has a diameter of 24cm